Designing Your Own Lottery Platform: Software Requirements and Must-Haves

The lottery is one of the biggest industries in the world. The annual turnover is about $284 billion. The industry keeps growing, experiencing surges every few years. Even though the digital lotteries have been around for a while, on the global level, they are just taking their first steps. When such a huge industry is conquering new horizons, it’s up to the quickest and the most enterprising players to take advantage of the opportunity.

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Considering that there are over 2 billion active gamblers in the world, taking advantage of such a big target audience is easy especially if you provide the opportunity to play without getting off the comfortable couch. If more than 40% of all Americans play the lottery, how many of will play if it’s available on their computer and smartphone? The possibilities are endless.

Tips to Develop An Online Lottery Platform

Lottery platform development may take time. However, the results can exceed expectations. A well-designed platform can allow you to make profits by targeting the gambling audience, which enjoys online playing. The potential profits are overwhelming.

What Do You Need to Build an Online Lottery Platform

Building a platform is easier than you might think. All you need is a website and lottery management software. The software allows the users to choose and purchase tickets, notifies them of the lottery results and makes payouts. The platform has to manage user accounts and offer the game result analytics.

If you are starting a digital lottery from scratch, it’s preferable for the platform to offer a few marketing tools and customer support possibilities. The software should also have a blocking feature to keep the players from the countries where gambling is prohibited from visiting your website.

Lottery Management Software

There isn’t a big variety of lottery management software on the market today since the digital part of the industry is very young. As a beginner, you may want to look at the ready-to-use solutions. However, ideally, the lottery management software should be developed to suit the needs of your project. You need to look closely for the software to have the following options.

Mobile Use

More than half of digital lottery users access the information from mobile gadgets. That’s why software must work on mobile devices, websites, and mobile apps (which you may develop in the future). A gambling app is one of the worry-free ways to maximize your profits.

Responsible Gaming Provision

In most countries, responsible gaming is an approach that can make or break your lottery. The software must give the players a disclaimer, which talks about the legal age for gambling and asks them to acknowledge the Gambling Policy. All players should be notified about being responsible for their gambling actions. As noted above, the user IP from the countries, which don’t allow gambling should be blocked.


The key to developing a perfect lottery platform is security. Besides not allowing users to see more than they should, the software must be secure from hacks and attacks. Even though it’s hardly possible to offer 100% protection, the security should be top-notch. All the user information and payment details must be protected by SSL technologies.

Mobile Application

While designing your own lottery platform, you should keep mobile app development in mind. By 2019, the number of mobile phone users will reach 5 billion, which means the number of mobile gamblers may increase by about 20 %. It’s inadvisable to lose such a big target audience due to lack of a mobile application.

Blockchain Lottery Platforms

With the advance of blockchain technology, blockchain ETH lotteries are also gaining popularity, which is reflected in blockchain reviews. The creation of unified global lottery allows everyone to launch their own lotto. Blockchain supports the development of a centralized lottery eliminating the risk of fraud. Since the payments are done using cryptocurrencies, it’s easy to take the lottery to the international level without any extra efforts. Lottery winnings are paid according to the smart contracts, eliminating lengthy payouts.

Running a blockchain lottery involves many hidden obstacles but can help you create a versatile platform suitable for the needs of a majority of gamblers.

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