Top 9 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in India

Technology has definitely changed the world for better and has had a great impact on how all of us operate on a daily basis. And if you have fallen in love  with technology and would like to make a career out of it ,then we are here to make your life much easier with the following list of the top 9 highest paying tech jobs in India.

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Here is the List of Highest Paying Tech Jobs in India

1. Information Technology Architect

If you are creative and love to design and build concepts from the foundation up, then this is the job for you. I.T architects work along with designers and developers to build and maintain computer networks for various companies and organizations.

  • Educational requirement – A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or management information systems. An associate’s degree or a Certification in the field is required by some employers.
  • Salary estimation- I.T Architects can get an average pay of about Rs 16, 62,375 per year.

2. Applications development manager

If you are a true leader who shares the love for both technology and management, then this is your dream job. An applications development manager manages a team of analysts or developers while also evaluating existing applications and making the necessary changes to them if required.

  • Educational requirement –Bachelor’s degree in technical field. Four years of technical experience. Two years of supervisory experience.
  • Salary estimationapplications development manager can get an average pay of about Rs 15, 08,088 per year.

3. Project management professionals (project manager)

It is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). There are currently 773,840 active PMP certified individuals and 286 chartered chapters across 210 countries and territories worldwide.

  • Educational requirement- High school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent, minimum five years/60 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience. 7,500 hours spent leading and directing projects. 35 contact hours of formal project management education.
  • Salary estimationan average pay of Rs 13, 21,351 per year.

4. Certified Scrum master

A scrum master is the facilitator for an agile development team.  The scrum master manages the process for how information is exchanged.

  • Educational requirement- A CSM exam has to be passed in order to get the certification.
  • Salary estimation-average pay is about Rs 11,54,487 per year

5. User experience manager(ux)

Their job is to manage a team that designs, develops, troubleshoots and debugs software programs for databases, applications, tools, networks etc along with building a steady relationship between the business and the customer.

  • Educational requirementBA/BS or MS degree in HCI, or related field. At least a few years of experience in the design of user experiences for software products
  • Salary estimation- an average pay of about Rs 6,09,379 per year

6. Telecom officer

Telecom officers are assigned work by their SDEs. They run telephone exchanges, customer care centres, supervise fault repair units, and in general handle everything a bit or they can get posted in technical jobs like Internet Broadband, FTTH, etc

Graduates of Engineering or Technology in Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Information Technology, Radio, and Telecommunication can appear for JTO-Telecom examination and after clearing this exam they can apply in BSNL or MTNL for the  Junior Telecom Officer Telecom job.

Estimated salary is around Rs 1, 96,800 per year

7. Mobile app developer

The demand for mobile app developers is quite high around the world. A mobile app developer creates tests and programs applications software for mobiles.

  • Educational requirement-A bachelor’s degree or an equivalent diploma in Computer Science Engineering ,computer programming training, either from a school/college or a training
  • Salary estimation- an average pay of about Rs 3,487,85 per year

8. Software engineer

Software engineers not only build operating systems but also make web browsers and our beloved apps on our phones. This is probably the most known tech career in India.  A foundation degree in computer science. Information technology.  Software development, software engineering. mathematics, business information systems or computing is required.

  • Salary estimation- average pay is about Rs 4,29,947 per year

9. Web developer

A web developer designs, codes and modifies websites based on the client’s requirements.

  • Educational requirement-a high school degree or a bachelor’s degree that is related to computer science along with great knowledge of programming languages, database management and Web design.
  • Salary estimation- an average pay of about Rs 2, 72,654 per year.

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