How to Cut Plexiglass and Use It Instead of Glass?-all You Need to Know!

Plexiglass is acrylic plastic that comes in a range of thicknesses to stand in place of glass. It looks precisely like transparent glass. Plexiglass does not break like ordinary glass, but it scratches very easily. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to cut plexiglass carefully in order to have smooth edges and shapes every time. From picture frames to tabletops and countertops, plexiglass serves as an effective alternative to glass. It is also highly cost-effective. Most people prefer plexiglass because of their durability and lightweight. But if you are going to cut this special type of glass by yourself at home, there are things you should know.

Plexiglass usually comes in a protective paper to prevent it from getting scratched. When you purchase plexiglass, keep the protective paper for as long as you can, until you need it, because it will prevent the plexiglass from possible scratches.

How to cut plexiglass at home?

If you are a do-it-yourself, you need to have the equipment required to cut this glass type at home. Cutting basic shapes is no big deal. But if you want complex shapes, you will need to have tools to do it. First, place the plexiglass on a flat surface and remove the protective cover. Make sure you are using an empty space because it can get messy. Mark the plexiglass with the shape you want. If you are cutting a big shape, you will need a tape measure and ruler to make sure your lines are straight. Use a glass cutter and score along the lines you marked about 5 to 10 times.

Bring the scored side to the edge of the surface. Apply a strong downward force on the plexiglass so it can break along the scored lines. You will most likely need to smoothen the lines out after scoring. This is how to cut plexiglass at home, especially the basic shapes that do not require additional equipment.

How to cut plexiglass with Dremel tools?

You can use Dremel tools to cut a range of materials such as wood, metals, fiberglass, and plexiglass. When it comes to plexiglass, you can handle them more efficiently with Dremel rotary tools. Dremel tools cut at a very high speed, making the cut way smoother than other methods. It is an efficient way to cut fine lines, straight lines, and even curved shapes from Dremel rotary tools.

First, you have to insert a multipurpose cutting bit and tighten the collet. Then, mark the lines you want to cut on the plexiglass. Turn the Dremel tool on and begin to cut. The best way to cut plexiglass with a Dremel is at a 45-degree angle. Once you cut the glass, blow or wipe off any cutting bits remaining. This is one of the most successful ways to cut plexiglass easily.

How to cut plexiglass with a jigsaw?

You can easily cut plexiglass with a jigsaw if you have one. But there are some methods that can make your job easy for you. One of the tricks when using a jigsaw to cut plexiglass is, you have to stick a painter’s tape over the cut line. You can use a clamp-on guide to keep the saw from steering left and right. If you manage the keep the jigsaw straight, you can get a more professional cut at home. You cannot forget the blade. You should have a blade that has no paint on it. A fine-toothed, sheet metal jigsaw can do the job right.

First, place the plexiglass on a flat work area. You have to use a grease pen to mark the lines of the shape you need. Use a tape measure or a ruler to mark the lines straight. Cover the marked lines with a painter’s tape. Startup by cutting the first few centimeters until the blade heats up. After that, the plexiglass will cut easily.

How to cut thick plexiglass without scraping?

When the plexiglass sheet is thin, you do not have to worry about cutting it because it is easier to handle. But when you want to cut a thick sheet of plexiglass, it can be challenging without the proper equipment. The most effective way to cut thick plexiglass is to use a power saw. No matter what kind of power saw you use for the task, the most important thing is the blade. You have to double-check to see that the teeth are evenly spaced and equal in size and height. A crooked blade will spoil the whole task, and you will end up with a badly cut plexiglass. When using a power saw, you have to keep in mind not to overheat the blade. An overheated blade can chip or crack the plexiglass.

Final thoughts: 

Cutting plexiglass is an art. If you learn how to cut plexiglass, you can easily cut it at home for your home decoration and even start up a small business.

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