Simple Ways to Buy a Great House in Skyrim

You would undoubtedly wish to own a home in a game that can let you amass numerous trinkets, marry a great partner, and even adopt children. By completing quests and handing over a specific amount of gold, you can unlock Skyrim houses and own a base in a big city in the game. Here we shall take you through some ways which can explain how to buy a house in Skyrim.

Buying a house in Skyrim

On buying a house of your choice, you can upgrade it and also furnish the domicile by paying a slight fee. What’s more, the Hearthfire expansion enables you to purchase additional land plots and also build one. We shall now see some of the houses to look out for.

1. Breezehome

This house in Whiterun costs 5000 Gold and is the second building on the right side just after Warmaiden’s, where you step into Whiterun. The question of Skyrim how to buy a house in Whiterun gets answered here. You can unlock it by first completing the mission of Dragons Rising story and then, in Dragonsreach, talking to ProventusAvenicci.

There is a way by which you can get a house here for free. All you need to do is to have 5000 Gold and follow the steps given below to know how to buy a house in Skyrim Whiterun for free:

Step 1: Find ProventusAvenicci. The character walks around inside Dragonsreach.

Step 2: Wait till he gets near a drawer or a chest.

Step 3: Start conversing with him. As soon as you ask about buying the house, immediately leave the conversation and then get the storage space activated.

Step 4: In the storage space, keep your gold, and if you are able to do it correctly, you shall receive the house’s key along with the decorating guide for free on exiting.

Step 5: After receiving our key and the guide, withdraw the gold deposited in the storage space.

2. Honeyside

This house in Riften costs 8000 Gold and can be reached by taking a right after entering Riften and approaching the end corner. The issue of Skyrim how to buy a house in Riften gets resolved here. To unlock this house, you need to become Thane by impressing Jarl Laila (who is the Law-Giver of the land).

3. Vlindrel Hall 

This Makarth house costs 8000 Gold. For reaching this, you need to turn right after entering the city and then climb the steep stairs situated in the corner and then climb another set of stairs to get to the house at the top. The question of Skyrim how to buy a house in Markarth gets answered here. Unlock this house by first supporting the Stormcloaks during the Civil War, followed by a chat with Jarl Thongvor Silver-Blood.

Ways to build a house in Skyrim 

The special edition offers the Hearthfire expansion, owning which you can buy three plots which are present across different holds and then build your houses on the plots you bought. The plots that you can choose from are mentioned below:

Windstar Manor – Present on the coast, which is across the Karth delta starting from Solitude inside the Hjaalmarch hold, this can be bought for 5000 Gold.

Lakeview Manor – This is located in the Falkreath hold and costs 5000 Gold and can be reached by taking the road eastwards from Falkreath, taking north on reaching the crossroad and turning left on passing Pinewatch.

Heljarchen Hall – Costing 5000 Gold, this plot in the Pale hold is situated near Giants’ Gap and can be reached by heading southwards from Dawnstar and continuing southwards after passing Fort Dunstan.

A lot more to explore

We hope you found this information useful for knowing how to buy and build a house in Skyrim. There are other exciting houses to look for too, such as the Proudspire Manor in Solitude, which costs 25,000 Gold and the Hjerim in Windhelm, which costs 12,000 Gold. So get going with the steps and directions mentioned and own the house of your choice!

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