Top 6 New Facebook Updates (2022) Launched to Enhance User Experience

Facebook Updates (2022): Facebook is an Internet giant that keeps spreading its tentacles to ingest the virtual world by adding new features and making regular changes. It is not possible to be on the ball with regular changes and updates that the world’s largest social network made. So here are some of the vital changes and additions made by Facebook that can take the user experience to the next level.

Here are some of the significant Facebook updates made recently

1. Customize What You See In The News Feed

Sometimes your Facebook gets populated with the news feeds that have nothing to do with your subject while scrolling down your Facebook page. Due to this, you miss some important posts from the people you really care about. To avoid this, Facebook has bestowed its users with the control to manage this undesired traffic of the news feed on Facebook and you will see the news feeds what you want. With Facebook need feed preferences, you can prioritize what or whom you see on Facebook. With the help of this feature you can-

  • Prioritize the friends you want to see first. Tap to star your favorite friends and you will get their posts pop up first in your timeline.
  • Unfollow your acquaintances so that you would not encounter their annoying posts, even you have not unfriend them. By this way, you can reduce the heap of posts from your timeline.
  • Reconnect with the people you unfollowed by mistake and don’t miss any further post from him/her.
  • Follow brands and pages of your choice.

This feature is available for all iOS apps and some of the Android users are also harvesting its benefits.

2. Add A Legacy Contact To Handle Your Account After You Die

You store a huge amount of personal and professional data on Facebook. But all your memories will be lost when you die. You can give access to your Facebook account to your loved one, who can access it after you die.

Choose someone from your friend list and make him/her your Legacy Contact and he/she will be able to download an archive of all your photos, posts, and profile information.

  • Legacy Contact enables someone to write a post on the top of your timeline, respond to a friend request and change profile picture & cover photos.
  • Your legacy contact can chat through your account on behalf of you, but can’t impersonate your identity. They can talk as themselves only.
  • You also have the option of getting your account deleted on your death, instead of adding a legacy account.

Enabling this feature can prevent your loved ones from experience the hardships of retaining the access of your account, after your death.

3. Look Through Your FB History With On This Day

Facebook allows you to travel through the times and see the digital history of your life on a given day and feature is known as On This Day. This amazing Facebook feature allows you to see your Facebook history at any point of time, just by visiting You can also get the notification for OnThisDay, By which whenever there is a historical event on a particular date, Facebook will show it as the news feed or alert you about the event.

You can also share with your friends just like other posts.

4. Create A Private Controlled Scrapbook Of Your Child’s Photo

You can create a privately controlled scrapbook for your child with the help of his/her beautiful pics you have posted on Facebook. As you tag your child in a photo, it will be automatically get added to your child’s scrapbook.

  • You can create Facebook Scrapbook with these easy steps-
  • Click “About” on your profile, just below the cover photo.
  • Click “Family and Relationships”
  • Click “Add Scrapbook” button located next to your child’s name.
  • You can also choose your Partner to the scrapbook of your child. Click “Create Scrapbook” after completing the above-mentioned
  • If you want to create a scrapbook of your child, first you need to add your child as the family member on your profile.
  • You can’t set privacy on your child’s scrapbook. For this, you have to set privacy on the individual photos of the scrapbook. If a person can see a single pic of the scrapbook, then the profile and the cover photo are visible to him.

5. Video Calling On Messenger

The Messenger is an important part of the Facebook and Facebook is making consistent efforts to lift it to the next level. Video calling is one such cool feature of the FB messenger for free calling and emerged as a good substitute of Skype.

  • The best part is that you can sign up for messenger without a Facebook account with the help of a mobile
  • com is a standalone FB messenger app that has all the features, including video call doesn’t need a Facebook account.

6. Facebook Lite Updated For The Phones With Low Disc Space

The Messenger from Facebook consumes so many megabytes of space on your cell phone. For the devices with low disc spaces, Facebook Lite app from Facebook cuts the extra space.

Facebook Lite a good replacement for Facebook as it runs faster with poor data connections and phones with older hardware.

Hope this piece of Information on latest facebook updates is helpful and effective. But no technology is impeccable, and there is always a scope of improvisation. You may also confront some problems while using Facebook or feel like some changes should be made on Facebook. You can give your opinion or idea, related to the use of Facebook, which can make it better, safer or more convenient.

Haven’t tried these cool Facebook updates yet? Try now! If you feel any kind of trouble, then you can contact Facebook Help Center to get instant help.

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